Caterpillar Introduces Two New Cat® Performance Series Hammers Delivering High-Production, Low-Maintenance Operation on Large Excavators

Built for high production on large excavators, the new Cat® H190 S and H215 S Performance Series Hammers deliver consistent breaking power. Their extremely efficient operation cycle results in less waste from internal heat for more power delivered to the tool. Continue reading

New Cat® Tiltrotators Bring Added Productivity and Enhance Attachment Flexibility

Cat® Tiltrotators (TRS) for tracked excavators seamlessly integrate to the machine, contribute up to 13% more productivity and are easy to operate. The introduction of these models provides a portfolio of TRS for machines from 11 to 30 metric tons (24,250 to 66,140 lb).  The tiltrotators have the capability for 360-degree bi-directional rotation and 40-degree left and right tilt, allowing the machine to work from many different angles with less machine repositioning. Continue reading

ASV Launches New Line of Branded Attachments Matched to its Compact Track Loaders and Skid Steers

ASV Holdings Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of all-purpose and all-season compact track loaders and skid steers, introduces a line of branded attachments tested for use on ASV machines. The ASV-branded attachments include a full range of buckets, pallet forks, grapples and brush mowers, with each attachment type available for every machine in ASV’s lineup. Continue reading

Around the World with MB Crusher

From high altitude peaks to distant islands, MB Crusher’s units bring solutions and advantages to any job site

MB Crusher’s headquarters is in Italy, in a town less than 62 miles from Venice. The units are designed and produced then travel to the companies and industry professionals all over the world who deal in construction, demolition, road work and earth moving. From the imposing mountains in Tibet and the Americas, from the Caribbean to Iceland, from snow covered Siberia to the sunny deserts of Saudi Arabia, it’s easy to travel around the world with MB Crusher’s units. Continue reading

Breaking Ground and Changing the Game at World of Concrete 2022

MB Crusher at World of Concrete 2022 comes a big surprise…

Picture your past, or even current, job sites. Now recall the types of materials and supplies that you needed to complete the project.

How often have you had to deal with waiting for supplies, either for them to arrive at your location, or for the supplies to become available? What do you do with the concrete you often receiving when tearing out roads, driveways, or sidewalks? And finally, how expensive do things get and how much are you willing to change to avoid these costs? Continue reading

Bobcat Company Introduces Ultra-durable, Newly Redesigned Snowblower

Bobcat Company recently announced its all-new, ultra-durable snowblower attachment that will make quick work of even the most unrelenting winter drifts. With an increased intake height and bigger auger to draw more snow into the blower, operators will be able to clear more flakes in less time. Continue reading

Komatsu Expands its Range of Hydraulic Breakers

New V-series is fully variable to help maximize productivity and lower cost per ton

Used in a variety of rock and concrete demolition applications from scaling a tunnel, to running a pedestal-boom on a quarry, or tearing out reinforced concrete abutments, breakers are essential tools. Designed and tested for compatibility with Komatsu excavators from the PC210 up to the PC490,  Komatsu’s new JMHB-V breaker series helps customers achieve excellent impact energy and performance in a variety of demolition applications. Continue reading

Materials Extracted in Quarries: Several Kinds, and a Single Solution to Increase Productivity and Reduce Expenses

A world tour of materials from quarries processed with MB Crusher’s attachments

Spectacular and famous sites such as Carrara marble quarry or the beautiful elliptical patterns from copper mines, quarries provide important resources for every country. Despite the differences between each location and the great distances between them, there are two main problems that all sites have in common: Continue reading

Deere Adds New Material Collection Systems and Mechanical Grapple for Compact Utility Tractors to Frontier Lineup

John Deere has added new material collection systems and a mechanical grapple to its popular line of Frontier equipment. The new PTO-driven Frontier MC2014 and MC2120 Material Collection Systems offer 14- and 20-bushel capacity respectively for John Deere 1, 2SC, 2LC and 3R Compact Utility Tractors. The new Frontier MG20F Mechanical Grapple is compatible with John Deere 120R, 220R and 300E Loaders. Continue reading

MB Crusher: Finally Free (From Rebar)!

Reinforced materials are no longer a problem: they can be quickly separated from  rebar and without hindering the job site

There’s always been a weak point in the demolition and redevelopment industry when it comes to processing reinforced materials. When it comes to recovering reinforced material, companies have been forced to (reluctantly) come to terms with the limitations of the machines they own. Continue reading

Brokk Increases Safety and Productivity in Confined Spaces With Shaft and Tunneling Tools

Brokk, the world’s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, offers a range of attachments ideally suited for shaft and tunneling applications. The attachments are perfectly matched with Brokk’s remote-controlled demolition robots to provide the best possible performance, allowing contractors to excel in underground and confined space operations. Continue reading

Fecon Introduces RK6015 Mulcher for Standard-Flow Skid Steers

Fecon has introduced the RK6015, a new, wider, standard-flow mulcher head which is ideal for use with most standard skid steer loaders, Avant-type wheel loaders, and other carriers that are able to provide 17-27 gpm of hydraulic flow, have enclosed cabs that can be properly protected with the appropriate polycarbonate guarding, and have the ability to carry the attachment. Continue reading

New Cat® Dipper for Cat 7495 HF Electric Rope Shovels Improves Uptime and Digging Performance

Featuring an entirely new, patent pending design, a new Cat® dipper improves performance and reliability in hard digging applications of the Canadian Oil Sands without increasing demands on the hoist and crowd capabilities of the Cat 7495 HF Electric Rope Shovel. Improvements to shimming and inserts alone are projected to increase uptime as much as 0.25%, potentially leading to significant gains in production. Continue reading

Yanmar Stowable Utility Hook Offers Versatile, Convenient Lifting for Compact Excavators

Yanmar Compact Equipment introduces the Stowable Utility Hook to provide a convenient, factory designed lifting point for Yanmar compact excavators without the need to use an attachment. The new option reduces the risk of damage to the machine, buckets or other attachments resulting from attempts to lift heavy objects with a strap or chain connected to areas not intended to be lifting points. Continue reading

MB Crusher Presents Three New Models of Sorting Grapples

Pythagoras once said that 3 is a perfect number.

To satisfy many construction sites, MB Crusher manufactured three new grapples, designed, and built with the company’s philosophy in mind: to simplify the work on-site, reduce the time spent processing material, and save on operational costs. We ensured our grapples could work in multiple application areas: handling logs, stones, debris, poles, positioning stones for drywall, clearing branches, etc. Continue reading

Geith Introduces New Mechanical Quick Coupler

With demand high for Mechanical Quick Couplers for compact machines from 1-8 ton in the rental & other markets, the experienced Geith engineering team have been busy designing a superior Mechanical Quick Coupler. Continue reading

Who Helps Nature Look “Perfect” for Instagram?

During summertime, enchanting locations flood social media, but a lot of work goes into preparing these places behind the scenes.

This year, now, more than ever, the warm weather has brought out the desire to be outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy nature and the scenery and colors that come with it. Social media immortalizes every experience. After months of being cooped up inside and seeing the same four walls, there’s now a flood of selfies where people are surrounded by plant life and beautiful views. Continue reading

MB Crusher: A Work in Progress

When retirement looks like task after task, finding the right equipment could turn a work in progress into a completed project.

Retirement looks different for everyone. Some travel, or move to a quieter part of town, pick up new hobbies, spend more time with family. Others take the time to travel, maybe go on a cruise or two and wear the stereotypical Hawaiian button up shirts and khaki shorts. Then, some retirees use their newly obtained free time to take on projects that they otherwise didn’t have time for, repaint the house, redo the front yard. For Michael Henn, retirement looks like the latter rather than the former. Continue reading

Working in Enclosed Spaces: Open Your Eyes to New Solutions

How MB Crusher’s equipment can lend a hand on construction sites in enclosed spaces

It’s well-known how that working in enclosed spaces multiples problems: it means facing challenges every day such as lack of access routes, little room to maneuver, managing incoming and outgoing trucks, managing materials, and protecting workers. As a result of the challenges, time and the costs of labor increase, which puts companies in a difficult position. However, there are available solutions: knowing what they are means opening your eyes to a new way of managing tasks with excellent results and turning expenses into a revenue source. Continue reading

Sandvik and Steelwrist Announce Cooperation for Full Automatic Open-S Work Tool Adaptors for Rammer Hammers

Sandvik and Steelwrist have entered into a cooperation for full automatic work tool adaptors for Rammer hydraulic hammers. As the global demand for fully automatic coupler systems is rapidly increasing, Sandvik will start offering Steelwrist SQ-type adaptor plates directly from the factory during the third quarter of 2021. The deliveries from Sandvik will be compliant with the global Open-S standard. Continue reading

If You Don’t Have It, Make It

With a lack of raw materials and skyrocketing prices, your solution comes from waste material.

It’s a problem affecting everyone, from suppliers to their customers: we’re in the middle of a supply shortage. The planetary crisis behind finding aggregates has hit all sectors, mechanics, and construction and doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Prices also change from month to month, becoming unsustainable for companies already struggling to meet all of their orders. The jobs are there, but no one knows when they’ll finish them; public and private works risk delaying their construction sites and struggling to recover. Continue reading


As Cassinelli Landscaping & Construction expands their services, they’ve also expanded their views on managing their waste in ways that benefits their company Continue reading

Rockland Introduces New Krypto Klaw Rake

Combine the versatility of the Krypto Klaw with the land clearing abilities of an excavator rake, and you have yourself a Krypto Klaw Grapple Rake! This new tool Rockland has added to their attachment arsenal allows operators to get a firm grip on large, bulky materials and debris using 100% of your excavator’s reach. Demolition and land clearing professionals know this is an essential benefit for jobs where reach and grip are required. Continue reading