New Cat® Rotary Cutters Offer Precise, Controlled Breaking for Trenching, Tunneling and Demolition Applications

Cat® Rotary Cutters for excavators offer high production in hard material for various applications like trenching and demolition. With controlled breaking and high precision, rotary cutters are ideal for working in confined or urban areas. Rotary cutters can be used in sensitive areas such as neighborhoods or hospitals, since they produce a lower decibel of sound compared to other breaking tools.

New Cat RC20 and RC30 models are available to be used with pin-on, S-type, Cat pin grabber or CW couplers. Rotary cutters are compatible with Cat hydro-mechanical work tool brackets, which allow operators to move more smoothly from one task to the next. For space constricting jobs, the rotary cutter can be manually turned either 90 or 270 degrees. Adding an optional hydraulic lines kit, the rotary cutter can be turned up to 180 degrees for cleaning narrow trenches or working away from the machine to help get increased productivity. Ideal for dredging applications, the rotary cutter can be submerged in water without modifications to the tool.

The direct drive motor offers high torque, production and performance to help operators get the job done faster. With less space between the drums, operators can build narrower trenches while also burning less fuel. Rotary cutter picks are easily replaced with a simple tool and can be switched out quickly. Maintenance panels offer quick and easy access. Mechanical seals help to lock in grease and keep dust out to go longer between servicing. Rotary cutters break up material more to help put less wear and tear on buckets.

Operators can track their entire fleet of attachments and machines from one source. Attachments with asset tracking can be viewed within VisionLink® alongside Product Link™ subscribed equipment. Attachments with an asset tracker send an alert if they leave an easy-to-setup site boundary to help keep tools more secure.

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