Engcon Launches a Third Generation Tiltrotator

Engcon, a global manufacturer of tiltrotators, quick hitches and accessories for excavators, will launch its third product generation in 2022. Continue reading

Tigercat Expands Grapple Line

Tigercat continues to expand its line of grapple attachments for Tigercat shovel loggers.

The new Tigercat BG13 is a large capacity bunching grapple suited to high production shovel logging operations. Continue reading

Production Without Waste, A Call for MB Crusher

Connectivity is a defining feature of the modern economy. Mb Crusher units are actively invested in linking communities, economies, and countries.

The economy needs more infrastructure to connect supply chains across borders, and households across metropolitan areas. However, building housing, transportation, water, sewage, public facilities, and other necessities can be expensive and now we are facing huge delays due to the global shortage of materials. Continue reading

Steelwrist Expands the Tiltrotator Range with X02 for Excavators Up To 2,5 tonnes

The installation ratio for tiltrotators on the smallest excavators is starting to grow globally and in response Steelwrist is now introducing the new X02, a tiltrotator suitable for 1,5-2,5 ton excavators. The X02 is accompanied by a complete range of work tools resulting in increased efficiency and versatility which convert also the smallest excavators into true tool carriers. Continue reading

Smart Equipment Solutions: Liebherr Presents New Multi-tine Grab

Liebherr presents its newly developed multi-tine grab GMM 50-5. The intelligently designed five-tine grab was not only developed for customers, but also developed together with them. The new grab combines decades of Liebherr expertise in the area of the development and manufacture of high-performance, robust attachments with a valuable wealth of experience from the users themselves. The multi-tine grab excels in terms of exceptional load-bearing capacity, resistance and durability. Continue reading

Steelwrist Extends the Quick Coupler and Tiltrotator Offering with SQ50, a Fully Automatic High Flow and Open-S Compliant Solution for Mid-size Excavators

The new range of SQ50 quick couplers and tiltrotators is targeted toward 7-13 ton excavators. Steelwrist SQ is a high performing fully automatic oil connection technology, used in quick couplers and tiltrotators on excavators to connect hydraulic work tools. Outstanding flow characteristics and competitive building height and weight are significant advantages of SQ50. SQ50 meets the specifications of the Open-S standard for fully automatic quick couplers. Continue reading

The Right Way

Recycling asphalt waste is a solution to the material shortage problem.  

Managing and procuring materials in the construction industry is rapidly becoming a concern, due to material shortages and rising costs. For example, let’s talk about asphalt: how many miles of new roads are being built, how many new projects need to be financed, and how many roads are under maintenance? Continue reading

ASV Expands Line of Branded Attachments with Augers, Breakers, Trenchers and Soil Conditioners

 ASV Holdings Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of all-purpose and all-season compact track loaders and skid steers, has expanded its line of branded attachments tested for use on ASV machines. The new lineup features augers and bits, breakers, trenchers and soil conditioners. The attachments are tested to ensure maximum efficiency and performance with ASV equipment. Plus, contractors can benefit from working with a single point of contact for a comprehensive package of ASV equipment and attachments. Continue reading

Epiroc Introduces the New V Cutter. Simplicity Prevails.

With its V-shaped design, the latest drum cutter from Epiroc sets a new standard in trenching and quarrying.  A seemingly simple solution with an extraordinary effectiveness – enabling energy savings of up to 40 %. In a world where advanced technology evolves in an unprecedented pace it feels reassuring that some revolutionary product development is self-explanatory.  Continue reading

Road Widener’s FH-R Material Placement Attachment Reduces Labor by 50%

Road Widener LLC, a leading global manufacturer of road construction equipment, offers the patented FH-R material placement attachment, which provides contractors with 50% reduced labor at 1/5 of the cost of traditional self-propelled equipment. Additionally, the remote-controlled design of the attachment allows the operator of the host machine to control the attachment via remote control — enhancing safety by eliminating the danger of additional workers standing along the jobsite. Continue reading

Tigercat Expands its Line of Grapples

Tigercat is steadily growing its line of grapple attachments in an effort to provide end-to-end Tigercat branded solutions that integrate seamlessly with Tigercat loggers, loaders and shovel loggers. Continue reading

What is MB Crusher Doing on an Island?

Use your heavy equipment to combat the material shortage

In the dictionary, the word “island” is defined as isolated and detached.

Living on an island can be idyllic, but not for companies who oversee constructing and developing the island. Remote locations represent a series of exacerbated difficulties due to material shortages happening everywhere around the world. Continue reading

Road Widener Increases Versatility of Offset Vibratory Roller Attachment with New Accessory

Road Widener LLC., a leading manufacturer of innovative road construction equipment, now offers a spray bar system that increases the versatility of their patented Offset Vibratory Roller attachment. This accessory fits on all Offset Vibratory Roller attachments and aids in suppressing dust particles, compacting aggregates and preventing clumping when rolling hot mix asphalt. Continue reading

Montabert Announces Plans to Acquire US and Canadian Distributor Tramac

In a move designed to support customers by maintaining key distributor networks and opening doors for expanded product access and collaboration, Montabert, a standalone hydraulic rock breaker business owned by Komatsu, recently announced it has entered into an agreement with Tramac to acquire 100 percent ownership of the distributor’s US and Canadian businesses. Continue reading

New Smart Creep for Cat® D3 Series Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders Maximizes Work Tool Productivity

Caterpillar will soon launch a new smart creep feature for the full range of Cat® D3 Skid Steer Loaders (SSL) and Compact Track Loaders (CTL) for operating Cat cold planer and wheel saw attachments. Smart creep senses the load on the attachment and automatically adjusts the drive command to keep the cold planer or wheel saw running at the most productive speed. Continue reading

Two Is Better Than One: MB Crusher Announces New Branch Opening on the East Coast

In case you missed MB Crusher at World of Concrete: they are now available at two locations in the United States.

If you were very busy throughout all of World of Concrete this year or if you were unable to attend, then you missed out on MB Crusher’s announcement! Thankfully, you can still hear the news from us: MB Crusher will now have two locations in the United States, covering both the east and west coasts. Continue reading

Time is Priceless

How MB Crusher’s units help construction sites to finish the job and reach the deadline

Imagine a construction site inside a large urban center or a heavily populated metropolitan area. Now picture how you’d organize that job, especially when there are restrictions imposed on the location such as: limited to when you can run your equipment, logistic difficulties due to traffic restrictions, and containing noise and dust emissions. Continue reading

Fecon LLC Acquired by Windjammer Capital

Fecon LLC, a leading global manufacturer of heavy-duty forestry mulching equipment and related forestry accessories for over 30 years has announced that LFM Capital, has sold Fecon to Windjammer Capital Investors. Continue reading

New Cat® Tiltrotators Bring Added Productivity and Enhance Attachment Flexibility

Cat® Tiltrotators (TRS) for tracked excavators seamlessly integrate to the machine, contribute up to 13% more productivity and are easy to operate. The introduction of these models provides a portfolio of TRS for machines from 11 to 30 metric tons (24,250 to 66,140 lb).  The tiltrotators have the capability for 360-degree bi-directional rotation and 40-degree left and right tilt, allowing the machine to work from many different angles with less machine repositioning. Continue reading

ASV Launches New Line of Branded Attachments Matched to its Compact Track Loaders and Skid Steers

ASV Holdings Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of all-purpose and all-season compact track loaders and skid steers, introduces a line of branded attachments tested for use on ASV machines. The ASV-branded attachments include a full range of buckets, pallet forks, grapples and brush mowers, with each attachment type available for every machine in ASV’s lineup. Continue reading

Around the World with MB Crusher

From high altitude peaks to distant islands, MB Crusher’s units bring solutions and advantages to any job site

MB Crusher’s headquarters is in Italy, in a town less than 62 miles from Venice. The units are designed and produced then travel to the companies and industry professionals all over the world who deal in construction, demolition, road work and earth moving. From the imposing mountains in Tibet and the Americas, from the Caribbean to Iceland, from snow covered Siberia to the sunny deserts of Saudi Arabia, it’s easy to travel around the world with MB Crusher’s units. Continue reading

Breaking Ground and Changing the Game at World of Concrete 2022

MB Crusher at World of Concrete 2022 comes a big surprise…

Picture your past, or even current, job sites. Now recall the types of materials and supplies that you needed to complete the project.

How often have you had to deal with waiting for supplies, either for them to arrive at your location, or for the supplies to become available? What do you do with the concrete you often receiving when tearing out roads, driveways, or sidewalks? And finally, how expensive do things get and how much are you willing to change to avoid these costs? Continue reading

Bobcat Company Introduces Ultra-durable, Newly Redesigned Snowblower

Bobcat Company recently announced its all-new, ultra-durable snowblower attachment that will make quick work of even the most unrelenting winter drifts. With an increased intake height and bigger auger to draw more snow into the blower, operators will be able to clear more flakes in less time. Continue reading