The New FAE RPL/HY Road Planer for 5-8 Ton Excavators

FAE is expanding its Construction line for excavators with the RPL/HY road planer for 5–8 ton vehicles.

This new road planer for excavators is based on “cold planer” technology.
With cold planer technology, the road’s surface is scraped and cut by the impact of special teeth arranged along a rapidly spinning rotor. The RPL/HY has a specially designed layout to reduce vibration and increase performance.

With these features, the RPL/HY is the perfect tool to prepare roads for resurfacing or to simplify excavation operations.

The RPL/HY is compatible with excavators from 5 to 8 tons, can mill up to 11.5 cm deep, and has a working width of 30 cm. The head comes standard with state-of-the-art technological and structural features. For example, the RPL/HY allows you to manually adjust your working depth, and its wide-stroke self-leveling system allows you to maintain proper head alignment during operation. The product line includes special teeth designed for different road surfaces: R/44/A for asphalt and R/44/C for concrete.

The new selection joins the RPL/EX for 8–14 ton excavators, to further expand FAE’s line of Construction products.

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