New FAE BL2/S EX Forestry Mulcher for 11 – 16 Ton Excavators

FAE expands its line of forestry mulchers with Bite Limiter technology with a model designed for mid-range excavators:  the BL2/S/EX for 11–16 ton excavators.

The BL2/S/EX can mulch vegetation, shrubs, and trees up to 15 cm in diameter. It is designed for forestry management, roadside and railway maintenance, maintaining the banks of canals, rivers and lakes, and managing and protecting wildlife areas.

The Bite Limiter technology on this head is ideal for high productivity vegetation management, with reliably efficient shredding. The rotor with Bite Limiter technology comes with special wear-resistant steel profiles that limit the reach (bite) of the teeth. This cuts down on power demand and promotes a consistent working speed, for excellent performance when mulching any kind of wood. Bite Limiter technology also minimizes rotor stalling and optimizes fuel consumption.

The sturdy steel frame is built to last, just like all FAE products. The toothed belt transmission provides optimal power transfer and long-term reliability. Interchangeable bolt-on Spike Pro counter blades and skids and a hydraulically adjustable hood are also major design features.

The BL2/S/EX is also available with FAE’s exclusive Sonic system, which keeps the operating carrier and the FAE mulcher completely aligned by automatically calibrating and constantly regulating the mulcher’s hydraulic parameters for a significant boost in productivity. The FAE app is also available for technical support and makes it possible to quickly and easily calibrate the Sonic system for fast and accurate connection to the operating carrier so you can get the highest level of productivity from your FAE mulcher.

The new BL2/S/EX can be equipped with BL blades or C/3 teeth and is available with a working width of 125.

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