MB Crusher Provides Solutions for Riverbed Construction

Syblon Reid, a general engineering contractor based in Folsom, California, was founded over 67-years-ago. Syblon Reid is heavily involved in complex projects ranging from hydro generation & water conveyance, civil mechanical, underground and tunnels, as well as treatment plants and pump stations.

Syblon Reid was challenged with a project on the side of a riverbank. The MB-R700 drum cutter was installed on a Caterpillar 315 excavator to widen and deepen an existing sandstone trench that had an abandoned clay pipe capped with concrete.

“Problem that the MB Crusher solved was not having to use an excavator with a bucket or hammer to chip away at the trench. The drum cutter gave us sharp corners, even walls and a flat bottom,” says Mark Langbehn, Project Field Engineer for Syblon Reid. Whether you’re cutting through sandstone or clay, MB Crusher has the perfect solution for excavators and skid steer loaders.

Another advantage of using the MB-R700 are the tremendous amount of savings on personnel, transportation, and time. For example, Syblon Reid was able to reduce their costs and save time by using our units. “It minimized the quantity of loose spoils needed to off haul,” as  Mark further stated the additional cost and time saving benefits of using MB Crusher.

In fact, we have the only drum cutters in the market to utilize Direct Drive Twin Motor System, which distributes the force of two drums. MB Crusher is committed to durability and reliability. For example, the MB-R700 is equipped with wear-resistant plates, power boost, reduction of excavator oil temperature and a No Torsion System, which reduces stress on the arm of the excavator. Our drum heads can be replaced on the job site. Add in one of our crushing units suitable for skid steers, excavators, loaders, and backhoe loaders to save you money on hauling and dumping fees, while getting you ready to use crushed material directly on-site.

Video: https://vimeo.com/798666989

About MB Crusher

For over 20 years, MB Crusher has been offering the largest line of patented crusher buckets and accessories for excavators, skid loaders and backhoes of all sizes, with extensive innovation and development. The values of the family-owned business have enabled MB Crusher to reach levels of internationally recognized excellence. Founded and headquartered in Italy, the company establishes itself globally through 10 international subsidiaries, including Reno, NV and Kernersville, NC.

For more information on MB Crusher, visit us at www.mbcrusher.com.

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