e-Trak Technology Solutions Takes Engineering Innovation to a Whole New Level

Formerly known as Eco-Trak, e-Trak’s range limiting devices allow businesses to operate more safely and efficiently.

In 2022, Eco-Trak was acquired by GRYB International, a company that manufactures specialized material handling equipment in Victoriaville, Québec. Since that time, the two companies have worked to expand the brand in Québec and abroad.

As Eco-Trak continues to break into new markets and expand into new areas, they are excited to announce that the new brand identity will be e-Trak Technology Solutions. They retain the name “Trak” to pay tribute to their history and roots. The “e” represents the path before them and their contribution to the advancement of electronics in their industry. e-Trak aims to provide technological solutions that maximize site performance.

e-Trak’s goal is to be the reference in terms of technological solutions for the heavy machinery industry. They are at the cutting edge of technology and offer solutions in the North American market, and they want to expand overseas in the coming years. e-Trak upholds production standards, ensuring that the quality of a product is consistent across the board. Their devices include the scale-pro (wheel loader scale with a touchscreen), guide-pro (2D digging system for excavator), and limit-pro (range limiting device for excavator with a touch screen).

“Take Control” is at the forefront of e-Trak’s ‘human’ value proposition: owner-operator empowerment. A clear, distinct, and engrossing proposition is distinguished by two main e-Trak brand pillars: confidence in the technology they use and a user-driven mindset.

e-Trak makes it possible to assess the advantages of automation with machinery, which is then applied to critical operational areas: greater control of work hours, workplace security, employee retention, and ultimately increased profitability. As e-Trak paves its way, they have one mission in mind – to innovate and establish new technological solutions for the heavy construction equipment industry

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