What Happens to Mining and Processing Waste?

Reuse and recycle waste in the best possible way, according to the logic of the circular economy, turning it into products for the construction industry and beyond, becomes easier with MB Crusher units

What are the main issues common to all mining sites? The management of the extracted material, the processing waste and the economic performance of the material itself.

With MB Crusher equipment installed on the heavy equipment already present at the quarry, systematic waste recovery becomes a source of profit for the company. Also bearing in mind that with the recent increase in demand for raw materials and the consequent rise in prices, many companies have realized that they are sitting on a large profit pile.

In particular, the growing interest in ‘recyclates’ in the aggregates market has led many companies to recover their quarry waste and process it appropriately. The re-use of these materials brings an economic advantage to operators in the sector and a major environmental benefit, as it implies less exploitation of quarry deposits, thus saving non-renewable natural resources.

In fact, the waste material finds new life in various areas of application: aggregates for concrete, granular mixes for fillings and embankments, aggregates for railway ballast, boulders for reefs, waterproofing material for landfill sub-bases, stabilized mixes, bituminous conglomerates, production of high-density concrete, to be used for works such as, for example, wind turbine blade foundations or other strategic infrastructures.

All this becomes easier and more profitable if the material is processed with MB Crusher equipment, directly on site, with the only help of the machines already present at the quarry.

Puerto Rico: extracted material becomes gravel for other projects

With the combo of two MB Crusher units – a BF80.3 Crusher Bucket and an MB-S10 Screening Bucket – a Puerto Rican company has succeeded in producing gravel on its own for reuse on its construction sites. The two pieces of equipment process quarry waste material to mainly produce subgrade material: the crusher bucket crushes the coarser stones and with the screening bucket the material is cleaned for better quality.  This saves them a lot of time and money because they produce the material themselves and do not have to buy it from other suppliers.


India: excavated earth will become concrete

By using an MB-S18 screening bucket installed on a Kobelco excavator, an Indian company was able to optimize its processing time and procure the material to be used for cement production. The screening bucket selects the material directly on a truck, without the need for any other means. A quick and easy operation done directly on site.


Peru: gypsum crushed with a crusher bucket has more value on the market

The higher the quality of the material, the more it gains in value and the more the company gains. But in order to have real benefits, it is necessary to process the material by optimizing time and resources. This is what a Peruvian mining company did in its huge gypsum quarry. It installed an MB Crusher bucket to its excavator and crushed the material to the grain size required by the customer.


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