Two Is Better Than One: MB Crusher Announces New Branch Opening on the East Coast

In case you missed MB Crusher at World of Concrete: they are now available at two locations in the United States.

If you were very busy throughout all of World of Concrete this year or if you were unable to attend, then you missed out on MB Crusher’s announcement! Thankfully, you can still hear the news from us: MB Crusher will now have two locations in the United States, covering both the east and west coasts.

With our customer base consistently growing over the past few years, MB America has been stretching ourselves thin to cover the entire country and support everyone despite being only physically available in Reno, Nevada. Now with two locations, MB America will be able to provide solutions and assistance for difficult job sites regardless of time zones.

Now, our customers no longer have to worry about how long it will take a unit to arrive to their location. Instead, our customers can focus on staying productive on their job site. And when their unit arrives, they can get right into recycling and reusing material rather than spending money to have them transported and thrown away.

Our fully operational branch is located in Kernersville, North Carolina. This new office is larger than our Reno office, comes with a warehouse, and a demo area. Our warehouse is stocked with our units and parts, ensuring our dealers will consistently always have units at the ready while our customers will receive their parts and attachments in a timely manner.

What you can expect from our new office:

  • Our full line of attachments
  • Parts and units sent out in a timely manner
  • Maintenance and service easily accessible on the east coast
  • MB’s ready-to-help attitude

Now that you know the good news about MB America’s brand new east coast location, we hope to see more future customers reach out to learn about our units and see how we can help them save money on upcoming projects.

If the distance has ever been a reason why you haven’t purchased an MB Crusher unit before, now’s the time!

For more information about what units are available in our Reno and Kernersville branches contact us 775-853-1058 or 855-622-7874 or find us at our website at

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