Werk-Brau Introduces the Grubber, Which Slices Roots and Extracts Brush in One Easy Motion.

The Werk-Brau Grubber is constructed with an extra heavy duty upper channel, AR400 steel cutting edges, and triple pass welds on the high stress areas.  Models are available to fit most excavator sizes and classes, including minis.

Available with a replaceable bolt-on edge V-edge or straight edge, they are ideal for the select extraction of brush and nuisance vegetation, as they minimize ground disturbance, reduce erosion and promote grass growth.

When paired with an appropriately sized excavator, the Grubber can effectively eradicate infestations of mesquite and salt cedar, removing the root ball to reduce the chance of future propagation. Eliminating nuisance vegetation can restore degraded rangeland, improve cattle and wildlife habitat, increase plant diversity and improve the hydrologic function of the land to make it more productive, according to the company.

Backed by a 2-year warranty, Werk-Brau Grubbers are made in the USA and available through equipment dealers and distributors worldwide.

For more information, call 800/537-9561 or visit www.Werk-Brau.com.

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