Fecon Introduces New Mulcher for Compact Excavators

Fecon recently introduced the FMX28 Bull Hog Mulcher for compact excavators.  Designed for 3.5 to 8-ton compact excavators with hydraulic flows from 12-40 gpm, the new mulcher model features 14 flippable knife tools on a bite-limiting split ring rotor to achieve a 28-inch cutting width.

Aftermarket carbide tools are available for ground engaging applications. Ideal as an entry level vegetation management tool, the FMX28 can replace workers wielding chainsaws and hand crews, making the technology much safer and more productive, especially when working on slopes. The unique rear throat design ensures that no unprocessed material is left behind, thus maximizing productivity when sweeping along the ground.

Capable of mulching overgrowth, underbrush, and small trees to 5-in. in diameter, it is ideal for clearing property lines, pastureland, fencerows, invasive species removal, and more.

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