Allu Launches the New Allu Raptor

ALLU recently launched the NEW ALLU RAPTOR for the American market.  The versatile, robust and practical design of the ALLU Raptor series make them the essential tool for severe dismounting material applications, where productivity and reliability are vital.

ALLU has developed new series of high-performance vibratory machines. Denominated as “ALLU Raptor Series”, ALLU RAPTOR is designed to be used in any application, where the highest production rates are required, as well as continuous work shifts, where the reliability and comfort of working with the excavator are of vital importance. The
vibratory technology and the mechanics, provide a greater impact at a lower frequency. This means higher production, reduced wear, and lower operator fatigue.

Edgar Chavez, President ALLU Inc : “ALLU is delighted to introduce our Raptor Series to North American market, providing you with an extra attachment to bring together our ALLU portfolio for all your jobsite needs in the Americas”  

ALLU RAPTOR performance is guaranteed to excite you.

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