Rockland Introduces New Krypto Klaw Rake

Combine the versatility of the Krypto Klaw with the land clearing abilities of an excavator rake, and you have yourself a Krypto Klaw Grapple Rake! This new tool Rockland has added to their attachment arsenal allows operators to get a firm grip on large, bulky materials and debris using 100% of your excavator’s reach. Demolition and land clearing professionals know this is an essential benefit for jobs where reach and grip are required.

The dual cylinder clamp delivers more clamping force in all positions than any bucket thumb, making the Krypto Klaw Grapple Rake a much better alternative to a standard rake and thumb setup. It provides better control and greater gripping power, plus you can quickly drop the entire attachment when performing tasks that don’t require a clamp. 

In addition, installation is easy and costs are minimal because there is nothing to weld to the stick. Just pin on or connect with an excavator coupler. Then, connect the hydraulic fittings, and it’s time to get to work! Choose from two configurations: standard design with a cutting edge or equip with pin-on replaceable teeth of your choice.

Rockland Krypto Klaw Grapple Rakes are proudly made in the USA and backed by a no-nonsense, two year/4,000 hour warranty. Rockland believes in providing MORE: more value, more quality, more products, and more reliability. They guarantee their ship dates, offer valuable (and tasty) loyalty programs, and claim the best customer service in the attachment industry.

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