Redefine Snow Removal

When winter comes to mind, many think about snow days, pink noses, hot chocolate, and thick, almost smothering clothing. What most don’t think about is the potential damages that snow can bring to infrastructure. Things such as pesky leaks or melted snow turning into heavy ice dams that weigh gutters down are only some of a homeowner’s worries.

One concern that not many consider or think about is what happens when there’s a pile of snow on your roof. When snow accumulates, combined with the snow’s weight or the building’s age, the roof can collapse and destroy part of your home. If that happens, what are you supposed to do?

Unfortunately, this scenario happened when a considerable amount of snow came to the northeast and collapsed a customer’s roof, destroying the porch and floor. With part of the house damaged, our customer needed to take the house apart and rebuild it. So, they reached out to one of MB Crusher’s dealers in the northeast, Stevee Excavation, to help them take apart what’s left of the house.

They planned to clear the site until they could see the foundation and then separate the pile of debris. They would send the materials they couldn’t reuse, like broken wood, to a landfill. As for the materials they could reuse, such as concrete, Stevee Excavation would send it to their yard, where they’d use their crusher to process the material. With the different materials mixed into one pile, they needed to separate the materials into trucks and send them to their destinations. Thankfully, their dealer already had a grapple that checked all of their boxes: one of MB Crusher’s MB-G1200 sorting and demolition grapple.

Thanks to the grapple’s high clasping strength and 360° rotation, they didn’t need to worry about the unit struggling to pick up materials at awkward angles. They also picked up smaller materials such as the wood easily, not worrying about the grapple’s ability to pick up the wood planks. The MB-G1200 sorting grapple took a single pile of debris, loaded them into three trucks, and transported them to either a landfill or yard.

With the unit, they cleared the site quickly and without any interruptions, turning what would have been arduous work into a simple task of picking up the materials and setting it down into the bed of the truck. Once they cleared the site of all debris and the foundation was visible, the customer could have a concrete company come in to redo the flood and carpenters to start rebuilding the house.

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