Kage Innovation Introduces GreatER Bar’s Quick Rip Tooth Bar Offering Easy Grading and Ground Ripping Without Hydraulics

Grading Bars and Land Planes are commonly used to make ground more suitable for drainage, sports, landscape features and turfgrass preparation. Grading Bars are the fastest and easiest way to cut high spots down and fill small depressions. Many Graders also include a row of ripper (scarifier) teeth. In the past they have been lowered manually by the operator climbing outside the cab, or hydraulically.

The KAGE GreatER Bar makes it easy for the operator and removes the potential of hydraulic failure or problems by using a mechanically activated Quick Rip Bar. Operators will also benefit from teeth that retract automatically when moving backwards and bucket hooks that allow the operator to carry a bucket from job to job. Key mechanical pieces are built from HARDOX™ steel which provides longer wear life and more durability. This GreatER Bar and Quick Rip Bar are overbuilt by design to give you the most return on your investment.

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