Geith Introduces New Mechanical Quick Coupler

With demand high for Mechanical Quick Couplers for compact machines from 1-8 ton in the rental & other markets, the experienced Geith engineering team have been busy designing a superior Mechanical Quick Coupler.

This new Mechanical Quick Coupler lets you unlock and release your attachment in one easy operation while also letting you safely lock your attachment without leaving the cab.

Why consider this Mechanical Quick Coupler for you or your customer’s machine?

If not investing in a Hydraulic Quick Coupler on a machine to change attachments, a safe alternative for you and your customers is a Mechanical Quick Coupler. One that is IS013031 compliant, safe, requires one visit to change attachments and where no additional safety pin is needed.

REVERSE BUCKETS  Buckets can be used in reverse (shovel mode) on your excavator allowing the operator to excavate and backfill against walls, foundations and under

STAYS TIGHT & SAFELY LOCKED  A self-tightening design ensures that attachments stay tight and safely locked for the lifetime of the coupler.

PICK UP ORIGINAL OEM BUCKETS  The Geith Mechanical Quick Coupler picks up original direct mount OEM excavator buckets, no non-standard bucket design and configuration needed.

MAIN PIN HYDRAULIC THUMB FRIENDLY  Available as part of a package with digging/ditching buckets & main pin thumbs made to correct weight and specification for compact machines

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