New Genesis Razer X Multi-Jaw Demolition Tool Features Fully Automated Jaw Change-outs in Less than 2 Minutes with Operator Staying in Cab

The new Razer X Multi-Jaw Demolition Tool (GRX) from Genesis Attachments enables excavator operators to change jaw sets in less than 2 minutes, without leaving the cab.

The attachment body contains hydraulically-actuated pins, controlled from the cab, that connect to the cylinder and jaw set. This enables the operator to change jaws without assistance, and while staying in the cab, making change-outs faster and safer.

The Razer X is available with cracker and shear jaws to process a variety of materials, and each GRX jaw set comes with its own stand specifically designed for correct positioning and efficient handling.

Additionally, the GRX features bolt-on and reversible wear parts to simplify maintenance, and a flat-top head with bolt-on bracket makes it easy to change lugs for different carriers.

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