MB Crusher Returns to WOC 2021 to Put Versatility on Display

After a long year, MB Crusher will be attending WOC 2021

A crowd starts to gather under the hot Las Vegas summer sun, everyone grateful for some shade that an outdoor booth can give them. As they begin to settle and listen to the announcer speak into the microphone, the operator brings the excavator back to life, and more people start to gather around, wanting to know what’s captured everyone’s attention. While everyone seems tense, wanting to adhere to some of the restrictions that have been drilled into them for the past year, no matter how loosely, they move closer in hopes of getting a better view. Once the operator scoops up the material and starts using the crusher bucket to turn the large rocks into fine material, the crowd of people begins to lean in, questions already forming at the tips of their tongues.

If you started to picture MB Crusher’s booth, you would be correct. We’ve been holding our breath this past year in hopes that we would be able to take our units and travel to Las Vegas. Now, we can officially announce MB Crusher will be attending World of Concrete 2021! As usual, we will have our line-up units both on display and show off our crushers during our live demonstrations. We’re ecstatic and hope to see old customers hear their stories and any interest in adding another unit to their fleet or even meet potential customers looking to purchase right away or later that year for their projects.

After what felt like several years of hardships and stress jammed into a short 365 days, we finally see the light at the end of a long tunnel – and hopefully, a step closer to normalcy. And what better way to kick off being back to normal and start the summer by attending World of Concrete 2021? And what’s one way you can start World of Concrete off on a good note than by seeing one of the many demonstrations that MB Crusher is holding? While we know this year’s tradeshow will look different from previous years, you can count on MB Crusher to stay the same at this year’s WOC:

  • We will still be holding live demonstrations of our buckets
  • We will still have our annual show specials
  • We still have the same commitment to helping you find the suitable MB unit for your job to help you save money on your job site

Similar to last year, we will be holding live demonstrations of three different buckets. However, this year, it will be one of our midsized crushers, the BF90.3, our MB-S18 screening bucket, and one of our sorting grapples, the MB-G1200. While each unit has a different purpose on the job site, they’re all designed with the same goal in mind: to help reduce expenses on the job site and manage any waste materials more efficiently.

World of Concrete takes place on Tuesday, June 8th, and will end Thursday, June 10th. MB Crusher will be at booth D813.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists for the show, please call (855)622-7874 or contact us at mbamerica.com.

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