MB Crusher: Double the Interviews, Double the Fun

When we went to World of Concrete this year, we were lucky enough to interview not just one but two of our customers who have been loving their crushers and the benefits that come with them!

When we sell a unit, everyone at MB Crusher knows that our attachments will follow a similar storyline once they arrive on their new owner’s job site: they’ll be hard at work, saving the company by creating materials. The next time we hear about the units is when they need new parts. The parts that we don’t know about is how the company is enjoying the bucket, if the team gave them the chance to expand their services, or if the attachment has not only come in handy but was the reason they were able to take on a more complex and arduous job. We also love hearing about our buckets doing “mundane” things, such as bringing their waste materials to their yard to create a stock for future projects. It’s why, with so many uses available to our clients, we’re always excited to hear about their experiences or plans. And naturally, we want to share their stories!

At World of Concrete 2021, we ran into two of our customers:

  • Frank Burkhardt Nellis Air Force Base from Nevada, who has owned BF80.3 crusher bucket since 2017
  • Paul Wegner from Valley Paving from California, who purchased the MB-L120 crusher bucket back in 2019

Valley Paving has been a family business operating in the paving industry for about 40 years, with Paul at the helm since 2006. Before we met Paul at World of Concrete 2019, he had seen the bucket before, “thought it was great [and] never saw anything like it.” But once he saw the crushers on display and demoed at the trade show, he decided to buy a crusher for their waste.

Paul Wegner, Valley Paving

With their crusher, Paul says they “mainly use it in [their] equipment yard,” using trucks to haul materials such as concrete, asphalt, bricks, or other spoils, to their yard. Since they “only crush [waste materials] in [their] yard and reuse the base,” they’ve eliminated the need “to pay to dump it to a quarry and recycle.” By crushing materials at their yard, they’ve boosted their profit margin and do very little to almost no material hauling, and created their aggregates for road base.

Thanks to their crusher, they’ve saved a lot of money from transportation, fuel to their trucks’ wear and tear. When we asked Paul exactly how much money they saved using their crusher over the years, Paul told us that with the thirty truckloads they used to make every week, they save roughly $300 per 13 tons. Now, they’re looking to buy a larger MB-L unit to continue saving money!


Nellis Air Force Base is located in Nevada, specifically in the Las Vegas area. When we got the opportunity to speak to Frank, we were ecstatic to hear from a customer who has owned one of our crushers for almost half a decade. Similar to Paul, Frank had been interested in our crusher buckets before seeing the crusher buckets’ capabilities at World of Concrete. After seeing the crushers at the trade show, they purchased and have used the crusher since!

Frank Burkhardt, Nellis Air Force Base

Having almost five years of using the crusher under their belt, Frank told us that the unit has been “pretty awesome so far” and that “[they] love it” for their concrete crushing and recycling. Frank mentions one of the most significant benefits they’ve had with their crusher was the unit took away using trucks to dispose of the materials. Any transporting they need to do only goes to one place: the base’s self-titled “training site,” where they process the concrete.

After creating their aggregates, they take the materials and use them all over their base, using them for their ditch-ways, cover for their smaller projects, and plans to use them when they create concrete. Since they use their aggregates for various things, they require a wide array of output sizes, ranging from 5 to a 2-inch minus, which is a job perfect for the BF80.3 crusher bucket. The unit can create different-sized aggregates ranging from ¼ of an inch or 5 inches. When we asked about him how much they’ve saved, Frank said they’d saved roughly $100k by reducing how far their trucks needed to travel and the subsequent fuel costs that come with it.


When we were designing our crusher buckets, MB Crusher had one goal: to help our customers reduce their waste. Valley Paving and Nellis Air Force Base show a glimpse of what happens when “waste” is seen as a malleable resource to fit various needs. The steps you felt were necessary are now ones you can skip – and stay within your budget while doing it.



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