Engcon’s New Compactor Plate Increases Excavator Efficiency and Reduces the Risk of Personal Injury

As a further step forward in making the excavator an effective tool carrier, a newly developed compactor plate for excavators in the size 12-24 tonnes is now being launched. The PC6000 compactor plate has been adapted for use under a tiltrotator, increasing the excavator’s efficiency whilst reducing risk of personal injury.

Combining a compactor plate with an excavator is becoming more common for soil compaction, reducing the number of machines or tools required for the task. Personal safety has also been increased by removing the need to have a person with a hand operator compactor in a shaft with the risk of walls collapsing because of vibrations or a chain or strap breaking whilst lifting equipment. All of this significantly increases workplace safety, an area that is close to engcon’s heart. Furthermore, the working area becomes larger as it is possible to rotate and angle the compactor plate so that it follows the lines of the ground.

”Yes, we’ve now increased the flexibility of the excavators so that the excavator operator can tilt and rotate the compactor plate. Among other things, it’s possible to compress around slopes and wells, without constantly having to change the position of the machine. This means that the excavator can perform more types of work”, says Johan Johansson, designer and project manager for the new compactor plate.

Saves time, money and increases safety
Like other hydraulic tools from engcon, the EC-Oil automatic quick hitch system is standard on the new compactor plate PC6000, which is another step in the continued work of developing tools with automatic quick hitch systems.

“The hydraulics are connected automatically with EC-Oil, which means that the driver saves time and money and increases safety by not having to go out to connect tricky and dirty connections manually. If it is rainy, cold and snowy, comfort is significantly increased”, Johan Johansson continues.

Advantages of engcon PC6000 compactor plate for excavators:

  • EC-Oil automatic quick hitch system is standard, which means that the driver can connect the compactor plate and its hydraulics without having to leave the cab.
  • Low flow requirement means that the PC6000 can be driven via the tiltrotator’s extra hydraulics.
  • In combination with a tiltrotator, greater access is provided, and it becomes easier to perform more types of work.
  • No personnel needed in a shaft minimises the risk of personal injury, which can occur if the shaft wall collapses due to the vibrations.
  • No lifting with hand-operated compactor plates that can be dropped or swung into personnel or the surroundings.
  • Fewer hoses that can wear out or break due to the fact that no leakage oil line is needed.
  • Screwable gate makes it easy to change to another hitch system.

Technical data PC6000:
Width [mm]: 720
Height excluding mounting [mm]: 508
Length [mm]: 1065
Weight excluding mounting [kg]: 560
Recommended hydraulic flow from [l / min]: 55
Pack surface [m²]: 0,44
Packing power [kN]: 60
Max hydraulic pressure [bar]: 220
Maximum recommended pressure in return line [bar]: 20

A production run is planned for autumn 2022.

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