Engcon is Switching Entirely to its Safe, Proprietary Quick Hitch

Tiltrotator manufacturer Engcon recently announced that it will no longer manufacture the older, conventional S-type quick hitches in the sizes S45-S80, which date all the way back to the 1980s. They are now replaced by proprietary, ultramodern Q-Safe (QS) quick hitches, which are counted among the world’s safest and which also connect hydraulics, central lubrication and electrical power automatically. The change is part of Engcon’s constant efforts to make excavation safer and more efficient.

“We’re constantly hearing tragic news about people injured or even killed due to unsafe quick hitches and incorrect operation. I think this is unacceptable and refuse to stand by when something could be done. Therefore, the decision was set in stone to switch entirely to our proprietary safe hitch and locking system,” says Stig Engström, engcon’s founder.

Engcon’s proprietary locking system and safe quick hitch eliminate the human factor when it comes to incorrect tool connection. The standardised locking method makes incorrect connection impossible, thus avoiding the risk of the bucket coming unhitched entirely or from one axle, causing it to swing with potentially lethal consequences due to incorrect operation. And because it must rest on the ground before it can be detached, it’s also impossible to drop the bucket due to inadvertent or incorrect activation of the quick hitch lock.

“This is part of our safety initiative and zero-tolerance for swinging or dropped buckets. Q-Safe is one of the safest hitches in the world, and using it to replace the old, much less safe S-type hitches is a natural step for us,” says Stig Engström.

Stig Engström makes it clear that engcon’s quick hitch and locking system takes over the operator’s responsibility as the excavator cannot be used if the bucket is incorrectly connected.
“I can understand why operators in stressful working conditions sometimes choose speed over safety when connecting their tools. It may be just a short distance, but improper practice leads to routine, and eventually an accident is inevitable. These tools may even be moved above their heads of people on the ground. These careless mistakes are avoided entirely with use of our quick hitch,” states Stig Engström.

Compatibility with EC-Oil and older tools
The Q-Safe quick hitch is supplied both as a machine hitch and under Engcon’s tiltrotators, and in addition to its safety functions, the hitch has automatic oil connection, which means the operator never needs to exit the cab to connect hydraulic tools.

“Automatic quick hitches are now our standard, and thanks to their safety functions I can confidently declare we have the market’s safest, smartest quick hitch system,” says Stig Engström.

Engcon’s decision means nothing less than better safety and convenience. No modifications are necessary to existing attachments as the Q-Safe is suitable for all tools that use S45-S80 brackets. engcon would also like to announce that it will shortly replace the S40 with the QS40

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