Breaking Ground and Changing the Game at World of Concrete 2022

MB Crusher at World of Concrete 2022 comes a big surprise…

Picture your past, or even current, job sites. Now recall the types of materials and supplies that you needed to complete the project.

How often have you had to deal with waiting for supplies, either for them to arrive at your location, or for the supplies to become available? What do you do with the concrete you often receiving when tearing out roads, driveways, or sidewalks? And finally, how expensive do things get and how much are you willing to change to avoid these costs?

With this interest in changing how your company works on future job sites, you make your way around the booths at World of Concrete. As you walk outside, you hear metallic whirring and the sound of rocks landing on the dirt and decide to follow the sound that captures every passerby’s attention.

The booth doesn’t surprise you – you’ve seen MB Crusher at World of Concrete a few times and have been interested in their attachments but always ran into the same roadblock: how are you going to justify purchasing the unit versus how much you typically spend on just purchasing material?

But now, after you’ve seen the recent bills and seen your job site consistently slowdown from the lack of supplies? Now, you can easily visualize how your company can benefit from using a crusher bucket to help reduce and reuse the concrete waste. You wait a minute and watch the crusher easily chew through the concrete while being attached to a skid steer before solidifying that the unit answers most, if not all, of your problems.

The next step? To track down the nearest person wearing a bright yellow MB hat and start asking your own set of questions: which bucket is best for you, your carrier machine, and the work you typically do on your job sites?

These days, we might flinch when someone says the word “normal” or “change.” The past two years have shown us how often and quickly things can change and disrupt our concept of normal: from the world going into a standstill for the better part of last year, then jobs starting back up again while the supply shortages slow them back down.

We would all love to see our “normal” come back, however, everyone at MB Crusher wants to propose a few more changes to disrupt what you’re used to. And don’t worry – they’re changes that will help you on your future projects and maybe even how you look at us as a company and how we function in the United States.

This year at World of Concrete, we will be demoing one of our crushers designed for skid steers: the MB-L160 crusher bucket. The unit is a great addition for job sites, saving you time and money, and thanks to the crusher’s smaller size, it’s great for locations where you need to be mindful of space, such as road work and other residential projects.

While introducing the MB-L160 crusher bucket to your job site changes how you look at concrete waste and raw materials, we want to make another change, one that will change how you look at MB Crusher and our operations in America!

And you can find out more when you come to our booth at World of Concrete.

To see our the MB-L160 crusher bucket in action we will be demoing the unit in booth O29967 in the Silver Lot. And if you’re interested in our surprise, then make sure you’re at our booth on January 18th by 10:30 a.m.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists for the show, please call (855)622-7874 or contact as us at [email protected] or visit our website at

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