Allied AMS Series Mobile Shears

Allied Construction Products, LLC has announced the addition of the AMS Series Mobile Shears to their full-product line.

These all-new new Allied AMS Series Mobile Shears are specifically designed and built for scrap processing, industrial contracting and demolition applications. Allied’s newest full-product line addition, the AMS Series Mobile Shears are available four models (AMS-30, AMS-40, AMS-50 and AMS-100) ranging from 721 tons to 1,446 tons of cutting force.

Key features of the AMS Series are:

  • Increased pin diameter allows for greater cutting force
  • Faster cycle times from an integrated speed valve mean lower costs per ton
  • Increased speed on 360¡ã rotation offers greater operator flexibility
  • Four-way indexable cutting blades can cut on all four cutting edges
  • Bolt-on bracket allows for mounting on most excavators
  • Integrated speed valve is more compact and is comprised of only 13 parts
  • Manufactured with light weight Weldox 900 material increases strength and fuel economy
  • Auto-Guide mechanism delivers force on upper jaw preventing flexing
  • High-Top design protects the cylinder from debris

The AMS Series Mobile Shears easily handle material processing applications including:

  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Processing
  • Auto and Truck Dismantling
  • Civil and Industrial Demolition
  • Tank and Silo Dismantling
  • Wire and Pipe Processing
  • Wheel and Tire Processing

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